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Lamma Animal Welfare Centre (LAWC) is a non-profit, all volunteers association.  Our mission is to help animals on Lamma Island, Hong Kong and to bring about the conditions whereby every animal has a good home.  For all the animals we rescue, we try to find a loving, permanent home for them.  However, there are cases where this goal cannot be reached and the animals will have to stay with our volunteers for an indefinite period of time.  For these animals, we need to secure funds to pay for their food and medical bills. 

In the Sponsor-me programme you'll see some of the animals in our care who will probably never be adopted - dogs and cats who desperately need someone like you to sponsor them. Please click on a favourite  that you might like to sponsor and take a moment to read his/her special story. You could make the difference right now.

Some are new arrivals requiring urgent veterinary attention - others are older animals needing a major operation, and still others have problems socializing with people. They all need help to heal and prepare for special homes.  Those unlikely to be homed need just as much food, care and love as the others.

The Sponsor-me programme is set up for the raising of funds for these animals who are not able to find a permanent home.  For HK$50 a month, you can choose to sponsor an animal now under the care of LAWC.  Your donation will be used solely for the animal's welfare to cover food and medical expenses.  LAWC and its volunteers will not take a cent out of your donation.  If you have time, we welcome you to spend some time with your sponsored pet too.  We will send you regular updates about your sponsored animal. Please phone or e-mail us if you like more information on sponsorship. 

Should your sponsored animal find a permanent home or die during the period of your sponsorship we will, of course, let you know. any remaining sponsor money will be used for other rescue animals unless you specifically ask for its return. Download Sponsorship Form




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