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Become a Foster Parent

You can directly save the life of a cat or dog, kitten or puppy by becoming a foster parent. We do not yet have a shelter facility, and we depend on our foster families to care for the animals that we take in. Every new foster family means another animal rescued from Lamma.

What do you need to become a Foster Parent?
For cats and kittens, you need to have an extra room in your home where your foster animal can be isolated from your personal pets. You also need to have a little extra time each day to care for and play with your foster animal, so that he or she is well socialized when its time to move into a new adoptive home. Finally, your personal pets should be current on vaccines, including Bordetella for dogs.

What do we provide?
We provides the basics - food and litter, training crates, collars and leashes. We also pay for any veterinary care that the animal may need, including vaccinations, testing, medications, and spay/neuter services. There is no cost to you.

How long will the foster pet be in your home?
That will depend on the age and circumstances of the animal that you decide to take in. For example: a one year old Lab mix who has already been neutered may be in your home for as little as a week or two, depending on how quickly he is adopted. Another example would be a mom cat and her four week old kittens. They would be in your home until the kittens are old enough to be weaned from their mom and weigh at least 1 Kg so that they are large enough to be spayed and/or neutered (kittens usually reach 1 Kg in weight between 8 and 10 weeks of age).

What do you get out of being a foster parent?
The answers to that question are as varied as the people who become foster parents. Some of the most common comments we receive are: 1) the satisfaction of knowing that you were directly responsible for saving an animal's life, 2) the joy and fun of getting to raise and play with kittens and puppies for a few weeks (while they're still so cute!) without the responsibility of a longer term commitment, and 3) the chance to work with your kids on a great family project that teaches responsibility, but also provides a lot of fun.



Thank you for taking a Lamma Animal Welfare Centre (LAWC) companion animal for fostering until a permanent home for him/her can be found. Your help is most precious to the well-being of the fostered animal. Following is a set of rules and regulations for fostering that we need you to agree to. 

1.           The animal(s) that you will foster belongs to LAWC.  Please return the foster animal to LAWC upon the end of the foster period or as requested by LAWC.  The foster period will be as stated below and can be amended at any time by mutual agreement between you and LAWC.

2.           LAWC will provide all the food and utilities (such as cat-litter) required by the fostered animal.  However, we would welcome it if you could provide for the foster animals. However, if you choose to provide such food and utilities, LAWC will not reimburse the amounts that you have spent.

3.           You are required to give the foster animal a safe, clean and comfortable indoor or covered dwelling place.  Dogs of over 3 months old will need regular walks of not less than twice a day after they have received their vaccination. Foster cats and other small animals must be kept indoors at all times.

4.           The foster animal is to be in your care only.  If you cannot take care of the animal, please inform LAWC immediately and arrange for his/her return to LAWC. Please do not give the foster animal to any other person(s) either for fostering or adoption without prior consent from LAWC

5.          As the foster animal may not have been vaccinated yet and he/she might have been exposed to something that is not detectable with a regular vet check-up, we strongly suggest that you separate your own companion animals from the foster animal.

6.           In the event that an animal becomes ill or an emergency situation occurs during the foster period, please contact LAWC immediately.  LAWC will arrange a veterinarian appointment as quickly as possible for the animal. LAWC will not take responsibility of any veterinarian fees incurred if the veterinarian appointment has not been agreed by LAWC beforehand.

7.           A LAWC representative may contact you to arrange a visit during the foster period to allow us to learn about his/her condition and areas where LAWC may assist.  LAWC has the right to terminate the foster arrangement if it fostering conditions are sub-standard.

8.           You are requested to contact LAWC regularly to advise on the condition of the foster animal.  Please also contact LAWC if you have the slightest doubts about the foster animal's condition.

9.           As a foster parent, you are requested to assist in finding suitable homes for the foster animal.  However, an adoption interview will have to be done by LAWC. You are also requested to cooperate with LAWC to allow potential adopters to meet the foster animal.

10.        If you are interested in adopting your foster animal, you must apply for adoption through the normal procedures. LAWC has the final decision on the adoption approval or denial.  

DISCLAIMER: LAWC will not be held liable for any sickness or treatment of you and your own animals resulting from the foster animal, and/or damage to the foster home or for the injury to persons residing or visiting therein during the period of fostering.

 I, (name)  ________________________________________ have read and understood the above.  I decide to foster a LAWC animal, and I do so at my own risk. I shall abide by the rules and regulations set out above.

Signature:        ______________________________________________ 
Date:                 _______________________________

My contact details:
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________ 
Email Address: ________________________________________________

Particulars of foster animal(s) : 
Type:      __________                Breed:      ____________________               
Name:   _______________________________

Sex:        ________                Age:  _________                Colour:  ______________             
Foster period: ____________________________

 Please hand the completed and signed form to a LAWC volunteer.


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