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Bunny 狗狗急需暫托家或領養
Urgent Foster/Permanent Home needed for Bunny the Dog

Bunny,雄性、健康、已絕育,今年三歲。牠家埵釣潀鴞~幼的小朋友,最近Bunny 曾三趟咬到小朋友,家長擔心Bunny會再咬到小朋友,所以縱使牠們很愛Bunny,但仍想為牠就一家沒有小孩的家。由於我們的暫托家都已滿額,請問有沒有朋友可以幫忙暫托?

Bunny is a 3 years old mongrel, neutered and healthy. He lives with a family with 2 young children. Lately on 3 occasions, he has bitten the 2 kids and the parents are worried that bites might recur. They love Bunny but think that he needs a home without young children. Our foster homes are all full now, can someone help?


Bobe was purchased from a Pet-shop, but in less than 3 weeks, the new owner decided to abandon him.  Bobe had frequent cramps and the owner couldn’t cope with it.  He threatened to put Bobe in the streets if our volunteer would not take Bobe in immediately.

Our volunteer took Bobe to the vet and found out that Bobe had distemper when he was small and part of his brain cells were affected, causing his arms to shake and cramp.  Not only is the damage permanent, it will also deteriorate with time.  Medication can be given to relief the shaking but cannot stop them completely.  Our volunteer was devastated when she sought a second opinion from another vet who confirmed the diagnosis.  Both vets suggested euthanasia for Bobe as there is no hope for a complete cure.

Apart from the shaking and cramps, Bobe is a sweet and happy boy.  He is toilet trained, ate well, knows how to fetch balls and loves cuddles.  We hope to help Bobe find a loving home where he can be cared for until his life quality deteriorates to the point that he should go.  We know we are asking for a lot of tender loving care, but when you see Bobe, you will feel the same for him too.



This little puppy was soaking wet and sitting by the side of the road in Tai Yuen Village, Lamma on June 9. A tourist found him and brought him to our centre. He is about 2 months old and no one seems to know where he came from. We call this little puppy Garner and we are going to find him a home when he is old enough for his vaccination.

Elmo, Candy and Wini
Found on the Cable Road beyond the Windmill on 3rd October, severely dehydrated and starved. Age about 3 months. They made a quick recovery and are now excellent pups




Blu is a beautiful affectionate good-natured Collie dog.  Blu and Bruce were found tied to a tree in Kowloon.  Bruce was originally found by us 3 years ago in O Jai abandoned in a box. He was homed to a couple in Kowloon but they split up and tied him and their other dog, a Collie, to a tree. We were able to rescue them from being put down at AFCD and bring them back to Lamma.

See above story under Blu. 

Bruce today:

Bruce as puppy (3 years ago):


11 pups found in  nests in the hills above Hung Shing Ye Beach at the end of September.

Please phone 2982 0800 to make an appointment to view them.  They were  perfect pups! Strong, healthy hill-stock and now socialised and affectionate. Still 1 left!

This is a photo of two of the parents taken on 23rd June:

The male dog in the picture belongs to a man in Wang Long who refuses to neuter his dog or to stop him from roaming. The female is Brown Pigsy.

Their mothers in September:

"Brown Pigsy":

Brown Pigsy and Brindle were both spayed in November but we still have to catch Malteser before she becomes pregnant again.

Coffee was born on the hill in 2002. We spayed his mother and she still lives on the hill near the youth hostel. And we homed his three brothers and sisters. Coffee was homed to a man in Tsuen Wan. We do not know at what date he was abandoned or lost but he was picked up by AFCD as a feral nuisance dog in Kwai Chung at end Sept 2008. He was found to have a microchip still in our name and was returned to Lamma.  He recognised us after all these years and is settling in well. But he needs a home of his own!

Coffee as puppy:

Lottie came to us on April 4, 2008.  She was from a litter of 4 puppies in Lo Tik Wan.  The girl brought her to us because Lottie’s hind legs had no strength at all and could not sit or walk, but Lottie was not given any help at home. 

We took Lottie to the vet the next day.  She was diagnosed with tick fever and anemia.  There was no physical injury to the spine or any bones.  The vet suspected that her immobility was caused by a trauma at a very early age.  We will need to wait and see if Lottie would improve as she is better nourished and as she grows.

Lottie 是四月四日到我們中心的一頭小狗,當時牠的後腿完全站不起來。據從盧狄灣把小狗救來的女孩子說,小狗的媽媽一胎生了四頭小狗,其中一頭已經狗媽媽壓死了,估計這頭的後腿也是給狗媽媽壓傷的。但由於不知小狗的傷已有多久,暫時真的無法估計小狗能否康復。




 Lottie has captured all our hearts since she came out of hospital.  She is still very 'floppy' - without much control over her legs and even her head when she's tired.  But she is so happy and is clearly enjoying her life so much, that we all have our fingers (and paws) crossed that she will improve over the months.  The vets were very impressed how much better she got during her 3 days with them, so it is possible that she could be able to function as a normal dog.  Though, as Dr Peter said, she will "never be an athlete".

What is really wonderful is how our dogs are looking after her.  Fatboy won't let Joyful the Cat come anywhere near her - Joyful can play too rough.  In the meantime, our one-year-old Sharpei-cross, Berry, is getting down to Lottie's level, so the puppy can chew her ears and face, and rolling around with her on the floor - it's just wonderful to see - although the photo is a bit blurred. 


Dorothy's mother ate poison on Hung Shing Ye beach the day she was born. The new mother died at once and her babies were put in a cardboard box on the coldest day of December 2002. They were cold and stiff when we found them and we were not able to save two of the babies. But the other 4 thrived and grew up into happy healthy adults. They were all found homes but Dorothy's home, unfortunately and through no fault of hers, didn't work out and she came back to us. She is charming and very loving though rather shy of strangers.

Dorothy 出生的那天,牠的母親於洪聖爺海灘因食下有毒食物,母親當場去世,而遺下的可憐小狗,在2002年12月堻抴H冷的一天,全部被放在一個紙箱內,當我們發現牠們時,牠們已被凍得差多不僵了,其中兩頭小狗救活不了,剩下四頭則健康地成長,並全部找到了收養牠們的家,唯獨 Dorothy 的收養個案並不成功,但這全非 Dorothy 之過失,現在 Dorothy 已回到我們組織,牠雖然對陌生人有點害怕,但性格嬌媚可人。

Sponsor Dorothy


A lovely, gentle dog, born in 2002,  rescued from a dreadful life in an outside toilet in Hung Shing Ye:

兩歲大、性閣溫馴的 Jungle 是我們從洪聖爺的一個戶外廁所援救到牠的。
Jungle               Jungle                       

Before rescue: 被援救前︰
He is a wonderful companion and very loving, but he needs more reassurance than most. Please can you give him the love and security he so desperately needs. Sponsor Jungle.

牠是一頭可愛的伴,唯獨牠會被其他狗隻需要更多愛心。若您能給 Jungle 愛與安全感,請聯絡我們,或請考慮 助養 Jungle

Adopt - we are all searching for our lifelong homes.
Foster - we also need caring people to look after us temporarily - it is a short-term commitment in return for unconditional love. See foster page.


暫養︰我們需要一些有愛心的家庭,可以暫時照顧我們 – 短暫的承諾換以無條的愛。請閱 暫養家庭

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