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Type 動物種類 __________________________               
品種 __________________________________________
性別 ____________               Age 年齡 _______________          
顏色 ________________________________

 Lamma Animal Welfare Centre (LAWC) makes no charge for its services but hopes that those who appreciate what we are doing will make a generous donation so that we can continue to do our work. But we ask that, in return for giving you the above animal for adoption, you agree with the following:

1.          I shall be responsible and take good care of the animal from the moment of signing this form to the end of his/her natural life.

2.          All training will be by love and reward never by threat or punishment.

3.        I shall take him/her to a qualified veterinary surgeon for all advised regular checkups, immunisations and when the animal is ill or injured. I understand that LAWC shall not be liable for an existing or latent injuries or disease or behavioural defects suffered by the animal. The costs of any and all the treatments (if any) required for the animal will be borne by me.

4.          If the animal is not already desexed, I shall have him/her desexed by a qualified veterinary surgeon between 8 weeks and 5 months of age (BEFORE sexual maturity)

5.          I shall inform LAWC at once if problems arise and allow LAWC to help.

6.          On no account will I sell the animal or allow use for breeding or experimental purposes.

7.          I shall not transfer ownership of the animal to another person without LAWC's approval.

8.          I understand that, should I fail to honour any part of the agreement, neglect or ill-treat the animal in any way, he/she may be reclaimed by LAWC and all rights of ownership revoked.


南丫島動物保護組織(Lamma Animal Welfare Centre)是一個非牟利的義務工作組織(下稱「LAWC」),LAWC所提供一切服務均是免費的,但為能延繼保護動物的工作,LAWC對於一切捐助,表示萬二分謝意。{LAWC 閣下提供免費寵物領養服務,LAWC只要求 閣下簽署以下的同意書。

1.           自簽署本同意書之日起,本人將對上述寵物負上全部責任,並會妥善照顧牠至終老。

2.           以愛心及獎勵去訓練寵物,不會恐嚇或懲罰牠。

3.           本人承諾帶上述寵物到認可的獸醫診所接受定期的健康檢查、防疫注射、及診治疾病、創傷。所有醫療費用將由本人支付。對於寵物身體狀況及行為等的任何缺陷,本人不會向LAWC追究責任。

4.           寵物發生問題,本人同意立即通知LAWC及接受LAWC所提供的協助。

5.           如上述寵物尚未接受絕育手術,在牠八星期至五個月大(發情期前)時,本人會自費安排牠到認可的獸醫診所接受絕育手術。

6.           在任何情況下,本人都不會轉賣該寵物,或容許牠被用作繁殖或實驗用途。

7.           沒有取得LAWC的同意前,本人不會將寵物的所有權轉讓予他人。

8.           本人明白,若本人不能遵守此同意書的任何部份、疏忽或虐待上述寵物,LAWC 可以收回該寵物,而本人之撫養權亦宣告無效。


Name 姓名:(Mr 先生 / Ms 小姐 / Mrs 太太)


Address 地址 :


E-mail : _______________________

Contact Phone Number 聯絡電話: _________________________

Signature 簽署:_____________________________________________ 

Please help Lamma Animal Welfare Centre in our continuing efforts to help the animals. We can only help them with your support. Please give generously and know you are making a difference. 100% of donations goes to caring for the animals. LAWC is an all volunteer organisation. Nobody receives any payment. All money received goes directly to help as many animals as possible. LAWC has no source of income other than the generosity of individual donors. Apart from money, we are always in need of volunteers for fostering, advertising, trapping, etc, etc.


When you care about animals, work with, or rescue them, you can't stomach
people's excuses as to why they "suddenly can't care for" their own. You
are essentially telling us that for whatever lame reason you come up with,
you no longer wish to be responsible for your pet. Here are solutions:

Be responsible enough to take care of a baby AND a pet. You had your pet
first. This is called being an adult! The thought of someone giving up
their loving pet, especially after having this animal for years, is just
heartbreaking. Animals don't need your excuses. They need family they can
truly TRUST.

If you are allergic, you knew this before. You don't suddenly become
deathly allergic to them one day. Most people are allergic to pollen or
mould, don't always blame it on a pet. If you will simply wipe your cat or
dog down each day with a damp cloth, problem solved. The true allergy is to
the dander, not the fur itself. "Dusting off" your pet daily can prevent
attacks and pointless excuses. If this is an issue for you in the first
place, please do NOT adopt a dog or a cat, only to give them up. It's simply
not fair.

Are you suddenly too busy for a dog or cat? Please. We waste time on many
pointless things. Anyone can find 10 minutes at the end of a day, to sit
with our dog or cat. Spending time with pets is therapeutic and lowers blood
pressure! Your pet has been waiting for you all day.

The least you can do is spend time with them. For all the people you
encounter or talk to all day that may not deserve your time, your pet is
always deserving of it. Pets don't want your excuses; they only want you
to love them.

For all the people who dump their dogs and cats off at a shelter, be ashamed
of yourselves. When you are driving away, leaving your pet behind to grieve
and likely end up euthanized, take a few moments to reflect on what an
asshole you are.

The reality is when you dump off your animal, regardless of the reason, they
don't know know WHY. They are waiting for you to return; to take them
home. They often whine, cry and even yelp as if in pain because you
abandoned them.

When you never show up or it sinks in that you aren't coming back, they
become severely depressed, often refusing to eat. This is the sight
irresponsible people spare themselves, while shelter workers have to care
for and comfort your grieving pet.

Animals show us unconditional love. Show them love and respect in return.
Not excuses.


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